Y3 Missing Teacher Alert!

Missing Teacher Alert! Year 3 heard that Mr Majeika, Year 3 Teacher, had gone missing!  We worked in groups to generate accurate description of him.  After this we all created a ‘Missing Person Report’.  Fortunately, he has been found safe and well.  What words and phrases would you have used to describe Mr Majeika?

img_2360 img_2361 img_2363 img_2364 img_2365 img_2368 img_2369


9 thoughts on “Y3 Missing Teacher Alert!

  1. Mr Majeika has a green checked jacket and white hair with a bobble in!

  2. I enjoyed doing the Mr Majeiak work because it was good fun.

  3. i liked writing what Mr Majeika looked like to help find him.

    He has a small pointy beard

    He wears glasses

    He was wearing a green jacket

  4. I liked to work in the group with other people, it was fun.

  5. I loved learning about mr majeika it was really fun.

    He has a small pointy white beard.
    He has got black shiny glasses.
    He has got a green shiny disco jacket.

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